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Since 1933, Jackson Furniture has been designing and manufacturing the most comfortable upholstery seating in the furniture industry. The family owned and operated business continued to create furniture, right here in the USA. The company has seen decades of American propsperity, challenge, war and mind-blowing advancements in science and technology. Throughout all of those decades of change, one thing remains constant: Families love to relax together in a room filled with comfortable furniture. That's where they have been, and always will be...from being huddled around a radio to being kicked back in front of a giant flat screen.

At Jackson Furniture, you can be assured that they are doing everything they can to remain a trusted, strong and competitive employer in the U.S. The company is extremely proud of their roots and look forward to providing you with American-made comfort and quality for many more years to come!

Sectional Sofas

17 Item(s)

17 Item(s)